Laingholm Primary

Martyn Weatherill

Martyn Weatherill, Principal

Laingholm School is a small, semi suburban school that has maintained a strong rural character over many years. The rural character of the school is enhanced by its location on a ridge in the foothills of the Waitakere Ranges. The community is an integral part of the character of the school and parents have high expectations for their children. These high expectations are matched by the teachers at the school and our students consistently achieve at or above their age-related expectations while still enjoying a broad and varied curriculum. Visitors to the school often comment on how confident and articulate the students of the school are.

This is my Laingholm Primary in-school Community of Learning team:

Helen Auty

Helen Auty

Helen's Research Area of Focus: Exploring cultural competency at Laingholm Primary School. We want to explore what cultural competency is and how it influences the school in our teaching practice.