Oaklynn Special School

Louise Doyle

Louise Doyle, Principal

Oaklynn is a specialist school and resource centre that caters for students with learning difficulties and disabilities aged 5 to 21 years. We hold student learning and wellbeing at the heart of everything we do. We understand that students with learning disabilities need a curriculum tailored to their specific needs. Oaklynn teachers work in partnership with its own therapy team to personalise each student's learning plan to meet the needs, skills and interests as determined by the family/ whānau and student. Oaklynn School is located in New Lynn, has 4 classes at the Base School and satellite classes in 7 local schools - Arahoe Primary, New Lynn Primary, Chaucer Primary, Glen Avon School, Avondale Intermediate, Green Bay School, and Green Bay High School. The satellite model provides students 'the best of both worlds' where students are located in local schools and are supported by specialist teachers and therapists. Oaklynn also has a New Zealand's first special school tertiary learning centre for 18-21 year olds called OakTEC. This learning environment is located in New Lynn business centre and students use the local community as their 'classroom' accessing the local facilities such as Les Mills gym, the library, mall and businesses for work experience. Oaklynn also runs a Specialist Teacher Outreach Service that supports ORS funded students in 15 local mainstream schools. The schools value this service that focuses on building the capability of the team around the child along with supporting the individual student. Kōtuitui kāhui ako provides Oaklynn the opportunity to be a fully engaged with the local education community. Special school staff are at risk of being isolated from the wider education community and so Kōtuitui provides our staff with a network of other educators who they can learn with and from. Oaklynn also sees itself as playing a pivotal role in supporting schools in the area of Learning Support. Supporting students who are learning within Level One of the new Zealand curriculum (whether they be 5 years old or 21 years old) is our 'bread and butter' and we have a lot to offer our colleagues. We are hoping that being a part of Kōtuitui will open doors for our students and their teachers.

This is my Oaklynn in-school Community of Learning team:

Emma Cutts

Emma Cutts

The focus of my inquiry is how schools and external services can work together in a more joined up way to better support our learners with additional needs. In particular I would like to investigate how schools can share information, professional development and expertise to make the most of the wealth of knowledge we have within Kōtuitui. Can we use the Kāhui Ako model to streamline our referrals to external agencies so we can access them in a more timely manner?

Kelly Charteris

Kelly's area of focus for 2019 is within the Curriculum & Learning Support Workstreams - more detail to come.

Sian Pinchen

Sian's area of focus for 2019 is within the ECE Transition & Learning Support Workstreams - more details to come.