Glen Eden Intermediate

Maree StavertMichelle AbbasiJacob PriskJan Peach

Maree Stavert, Principal.
Michelle Abbasi, Jacob Prisk & Jan Peach, Deputy Principals

Glen Eden Intermediate School has been serving our local community for over 55 years and we are proud of the role we play in the lives of the students who spend their intermediate years with us. At GEIS we are committed to providing our students with future focused, innovative learning opportunities within a supportive, caring environment. Students benefit from advanced digital learning programmes that enhance their levels of engagement and academic success. The culture of the school is underpinned by our values of respect, resilience, excellence and integrity. Our curriculum and modern facilities are specifically designed for the ‘middle years’ and we are renowned for the amazing opportunities on offer to our students. Relationships are important to us and we have a genuine commitment to working in partnership with our students, their parents and whanau throughout their time at GEIS.

For us, being part of the Kotuitui Community of Learning, means that we will be able to continue to build on the strong relationships that we have with our contributing schools and Green Bay High in order to ensure smooth learning pathways for our students.

This is my Glen Eden Intermediate in-school Community of Learning team:

Amy Russell

Amy Russell

I am a recently appointed Learning Support Coordinator with a Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour background. I am excited to be part of the Kōtuitui Kāhui Ako because it is a wonderful opportunity to build connections across schools. We are in a privileged position with all of the schools in our Kāhui Ako employing teachers for dedicated Learning Support Coordinator roles. One of the important elements of these positions is to aid in the smooth transition of children between schools. This year I will be completing a collaborative inquiry with Sara Badawi, we will look at the impact the role of a Learning Support Coordinator has on transition to and from an intermediate school.

Sara Badawi

Sara Badawi

My name is Sara Badawi and I am in my first year as a Learning Support Co ordinator at Glen Eden Intermediate. I feel both privileged and excited to navigate this new role over the coming year, to promote and support inclusive practices within and across schools in our Kahui Ako. This year I will be completing a collaborative inquiry alongside Amy Russell.We will look at the impact the role of a Learning Support Coordinator has on transition to and from an intermediate school.

Annet Woolford Pam Hooper-CorbettPaula McKean

Annet Woolford, Pam Hooper-Corbett & Paula McKean

For 2020, Annet, Pam and Paula are working within the 'Connecting the steps through Curriculum Levels' - Curriculum Progressions workstream. The focus for the year will be on implementing the new GEIS Curriculum Progressions throughout the school. Our aspirational goal to bring innovative pedagogical delivery, while giving students direct understanding and ownership of their learning. This inquiry will connect with the primary and secondary school in Kōtuitui to provide alignment for our learners on the educational journey from year 1 to the completion of their high school experience.