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Waitakere, Auckland

Lifting aspirations and raising educational achievement for every learner in our community

A collaborative relationship between twelve local schools creating a learning community.

Our community is located on the edge of the Waitakere Ranges, with much of its hinterland being native bush reserve which flows down to Auckland's west coast beaches and Manukau Harbour. On our eastern boundary we connect with the rapidly growing and vibrant urban area of New Lynn.

The majority of our students come from the suburbs of Titirangi, Green Bay and Glen Eden, the semi-rural and bush reserve areas of Laingholm and Huia, and the fringe of New Lynn. Consequently our community reflects the wide range of demographic and socio-economic diversity that is one of the defining characteristics of Auckland.

A Community of People Like You

Reaching 7,052 students, our community drives forward learning delivering results for students, parents and teachers alike.

Your in school team at


Angeline Tan

Mandarin Language Teacher / Lead Teacher for TLIF

Katherine Pringle

Pia Harre

Unique Learning Needs Coordinator

Vanessa Jansz

Your in school team at


Bridget Dadley

Shirley White

Your in school team at

Glen Eden Intermediate

Fleur Hunter

Frances Thompson

Jennie Chatfield

Pam Hooper-Corbett

Paula McKean

Tini Walker

Your in school team at

Green Bay High

Anne Davies

Catrin Hughes

Elisabeth Gordon

Hannah Hopkins

Hayley Hunter

Jonathan Hilditch

Mike Cole

iCOL - Junior Progress in Science

Naomi Jonas

Sarah Barrett-Hamilton

Your in school team at

Green Bay Primary

James Mawson

Lorraine Sauvarin

Your in school team at

Kaurilands Primary

Erin Namajuska

Josh Farrell

Linda Heckler

Diverse Learners in the Classroom

Micaela Bonnar


Your in school team at

Konini Primary

Charlotte Nola

Lisa O'Malley

Your in school team at

Laingholm Primary

Claire Cheeseman

Digital Technologies

Jonathan Davidson

Student Engagement

Your in school team at

New Lynn

Lisa Pickles

Michelle Andrews

Piaare Swann

Your in school team at

Oaklynn Special School

Carol Gilson

Louise Dore

Zoe Strange

Your in school team at

Titirangi Primary

Lee-Ann McKenzie

Lisa Dever

Terry Withers

Your in school team at

Woodlands Park

Marijke Hansford

Nick Gill

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Your Across School Team

Meet the team you’ll be seeing a lot more of as part of the Kōtuitui Community of Learning

Morag Hutchinson

The Kōtuitui Community of Learning is a powerful educational research and development network, focused on meeting local learning needs.

Morag Hutchinson

Principal at Green Bay High

Hine Viskovich

Kia ora! It is a fantastic opportunity to engage with, and contribute to our Kōtuitui Community of Learning. I am so privileged to be part of this team, in promoting and supporting excellence in teaching, benefiting all our learners.

Hine Viskovich

Deputy Principal at Fruitvale School

Jess Robertson

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to support the research and development of our learning community through collaborating within the Kōtuitui Community of Learning.

Jess Robertson

Teacher at Glen Eden Intermediate

J'Aime Godinet Meggitt

Ngā mihi ki a tātou. I am excited to be a part of a community that is focussed on strengthening the learning outcomes for all tamariki and rangatahi. Whanaungatanga is a vital part of education and I look forward to sharing and connecting values within our Kōtuitui Community of Learning.

J'Aime Godinet Meggitt

Teacher at Glen Eden Intermediate

Jo Orr

I am passionate about learning and collaboration and I am really excited about the Community of Learning vision - and as both a parent and teacher I see the potential offered by these connections.

Jo Orr

Teacher at Green Bay High

Naomi Laycock

I am excited about the opportunity to work together across schools to share good pedagogy and provide the best outcomes for our students.

Naomi Laycock

Teacher at Green Bay Primary

Stefan Dale

I hope the Community of Learners helps us to work together to raise the student outcomes across all learners.

Stefan Dale

Deputy Principal at Green Bay High

Mike Chatfield

I am very passionate about collaboration, and excited about the opportunities that this brings to all learners across the Kōtuitui CoL.

Mike Chatfield

Teacher at Glen Eden Intermediate

What the community says

A powerful educational research and development network focused on meeting local learning needs.

Morag Hutchinson

Principal, Green Bay High

I really appreciate the thinking, guidance and support of the Kotuitui team. I love how everyone is reflective in the moment and can share their thoughts. Ka mau te wehi

I-CoL Teacher

Kōtuitui CoL

Being part of Kōtuitui is valuable as we meet other colleagues, learn about differing percpectives and points of view and work together to raise student achievement.

I-CoL Teacher

Kōtuitui CoL

Collaboratively Developed Inquiry Cycles

Using collaborative development techniques we are delivering across our community and yours.

Community members contribute pedagogy (teaching), leadership and new ideas to collaboratively develop improved inquiry cycles specific to our current generation of learners.

Working in conjunction with community schools and individual teachers, the Kotuitui community delivers the latest in inquiry development.

Students and schools benefit from improved educational achievement as we lift the aspirations of our learners to new heights, driving real change in our local communities.

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