Arahoe School

Richard LimbrickShenita PrasadRandal MorrisMatt Moncur

Richard Limbrick, Principal
Shenita Prasad, Randal Morris & Matt Moncur, Associate Principals

At Arahoe School ‘empowering our akonga to access their future’ is our core focus. Our tamariki are the heart of our school and are the centre of our attention. We strive for our tamariki to be effective communicators, thinkers and self managers and to have a strong sense of being contributors to our community. The focus of our actions is to ensure the the ambition of growing learners for life is a day to day reality for our students. We are proud of our tamariki and of the things that they achieve, academically, on the sports fields and socially. Our school culture is underpinned by our values of respect, excellence, integrity and resilience with our students interactions with each other and us, and ours with them, being guided by these values.

Our tamariki benefit from having access to advanced digital tools to enhance their learning and to ensure that they have access to their curriculum from anywhere at anytime. Our curriculum and school facilities have been designed to offer all of our akonga access to a high levels of resourcing and to reflect the opportunities that the future will hold for them.

Being part of the Kotuitui Community of Learning will ensure that the strong relationships that have existed between our schools in the past can be further developed for the benefit of all of our akonga and that our students will have an identifiable school’s pathway to follow throughout their time with us. It is a unique opportunity for all of us as a community of learners to share our expertise for the benefit of all of our tamariki.

Shenita Prasad

Shenita Prasad, Associate Principal (Year 1 & 2)

Kia ora koutou, Malo and Namaste.
Ko Arahoe tōku kura Ko Shenita Prasad tōku ingona.

I am the Associate Principal for the Junior School at Arahoe School and I am also part of the KoDaf team . I am currently part of a work-stream looking at establishing successful for students transitions into school. I am excited to be part of a dedicated and expert group of educators. I have especially learnt a lot from networking and working with our ECE teachers. I look forward to collaborating with Kōtuitui and assisting in realizing the vision that seeks to create stronger and better outcomes for our students in our Kahui Ako.

Randal Morris

Randal Morris, Associate Principal (Year 5 & 6)

My aspirations for kotuitui will emerge from the outcomes of our self reviewed process around “Well-Being”. The benefits of such an exercise involving our whole school communities would be to:

1- Enhance the social and emotional climate of a school. 2- Explore the extent to which individual school practises are inclusive of all students and staff.

Our group believes that this review process should explore the different layers of school life contributing to the creation of a safe and caring climate or the reverse. This will also include whether priority status has been given to this area of school life in policy considerations and all daily interactions across school life.

Matt Moncur

Matt Moncur, Associate Principal (Year 3 & 4)

It is motivating to be part of the KODAF (Kōtuitui Deputies & Associate Principals Forum) and connect with the leadership strengths and expertise of the other members of our CoL. As a part of the 'Connecting the steps through Curriculum Levels' work-stream, I aspire to contribute to the development of a shared understanding of student progress across Kotuitui, rooted strongly in the curriculum, and recognized through a robust set of assessment practices and other informants. I envisage a rich dialogue for teaching and learning that is embraced and enacted by teachers, students and their whanau, and the wider community.

This is our Arahoe in-school Community of Learning team:

Angeline Tan

Angeline Tan

My Inquiry: To what extent does the Arahoe Pedagogical Framework lead to shifts in teacher practice and improved outcomes for Maori and Pasifika learners? I am currently the lead teacher for TLIF. I believe education is the door to the world for every child. We create significant landmarks to empower each child to chart their own map.

Katherine Pringle

Katherine Pringle

The inquiry I am pursuing is 'How do I reduce separation and learning anxiety to ensure a successful transition for students starting Primary School?'

Pia Harre

Pia Harre

Tena Koutou Katoa, the focus of my inquiry will examine in what ways Te Ara Whakamana supports learning and behaviour in a large mainstream urban school when the majority of teaching staff in the school are non-Maori. In addition, I am particularly focused on whether Te Ara Whakamana supports the school's tier system and can inform teachers and myself as the SENCO in ways to support student, whanau and teacher/s re: intervention.

Vanessa Jansz

Vanessa Jansz

The focus question for my Inquiry is how does collaborative planning of an integrated, culturally responsive learning programme meet the needs of the students in Maths and ICT? What does matter is teachers collaborating and seeing it as their role to evaluate their effect on learning. This results in us making calculated interventions such as mixed ability problem solving, visible learning platforms and providing students with multiple opportunities and alternatives to learn like a flipped classroom by using Digital technology and ensuring maths is contextual and challenging.