Fruitvale School

Donal McLeanHine ViskovichShirley White

Donal McLean, Principal
Hine Viscovich, Deputy Principal & Shirley White, Assistant Principal

Fruitvale Road School is expanding and we are proud of the expansion that is happening. In 2019 we will have a new entrance and an awesome new 8 classroom block. Our reputation for high quality care and academic excellence is spreading and we love that the values we live and teach daily our students use well, setting themselves up for successful, full and interesting lives. We provide equitable access to all of the students using the latest, most useful APPs and technology to ensure the children here are experienced with and are able to integrate what does the best job for the circumstances they are trying to understand and manipulate for their learning. Our commitment to making learning visible to the learner is enhanced by the tools we use on a daily basis. Collaboration is a key requirement for living in this world of ours and our systems encourage and support our learners to work together successfully identifying their own skills and that of their school-mates to effectively solve problems. That we are part of the Kotuitui collaboration of schools allows us as professionals and you as parents access to an excellent group of schools working to create the best pathway for your children into their educational futures.

This is my Fruitvale in-school Community of Learning team:

Erin France

For 2020, Erin is working within the 'Connecting both ends of the curriculum' - ECE Tranistion workstream. Her inquiry question is in development.

D'arcy Norton

For 2020, D'arcy is working within the 'Connecting the steps through Curriculum Levels' - Curriculum Progressions workstream. Their inquiry question is in development.