The Kotuitui Feathers

The Kōtuitui Feathers

The Kōtuitui Feathers


Each feather is subtly different in its design reflecting both the diversity of the community and the varying styles of our learners. Additionally, the design reflects the concept of many ideas coming together from different sources, which instrinsically links to the nature of research and development within inquiry.


The use of symmetry in the detail across the feathers reflects a woven pattern, which is to say a network of elements that are intertwined, woven or bound togther to form a whole.


The feathers are in an upright position pointing downwards to reflect how they might be bound to a Māori cloak. The vertical alignment is also suggestive of people standing next to one another, forming the basis of a community.

Network Node

Each feather stem features a small hollow circle at the top which represents the connectivity potential of the feather. Networks are a series of interconnected nodes and each node contributes to the network as a whole.